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Project Wai Yip Street-Hong Kong China
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Project Wai Yip Street-Hong Kong China

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Location:Hong Kong China

Project Name: Project Wai Yip Street-Hong Kong China

Status:  In operation

Product: 26mm&58.04mm Crystal silicon fireproof glass

Standard:BS EN 1634

Performance:EI Class Fireproof 1.0H

Advantage:High-precision curtain wall steel profiles, slender, high-end and high-precision, comparable to aluminum alloy profiles; equipped with high-quality single-piece hollow fire-resistant glass, high transparency and heat radiation resistance.


Project Wai Yip Street---Hong Kong

Skylight Hongkong

Skylight Hongkong-1

Skylight Hongkong-2

Skylight Hongkong-3

Skylight Hongkong-4