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Design of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall
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Design of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall

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Fireproof glass curtain wall must have all the characteristics of curtain wall. Such as wind pressure, rainwater, air leakage, in-plane deformation and other properties. As a glass curtain wall with fire protection function, besides the above functions, the more important function is fire protection. 

Smoke Separation Design

Curtain wall structure to achieve the effect of smoke insulation, first of all, if the sealing is good, not only the performance of our curtain wall mentioned in the sealing, but also the sealing of fire prevention, in a certain period of time when the fire occurs, also have a better sealing effect. 

Therefore, the open-frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall structure designed by the open system are not suitable for the structure of fireproof glass curtain wall. 

Compared with the ordinary curtain wall sealing design, two points should be paid attention to: first, the inner cavity sealing treatment of profiles, the vertical materials in the ordinary curtain wall design are connected by insertion, which has the possibility of forming chimney effect. 

In the design of fireproof glass curtain wall, the cavity must be sealed with flame retardant materials. 

On the other hand, the seal failure caused by local thermal expansion deformation of curtain wall in case of fire should be considered.

 Therefore, waist-shaped holes should be used in the joints of the joint skeleton of the fireproof glass curtain wall, and Sealants with good elasticity and fireproof performance should be used in the selection of sealing materials.

 Smoke Barrier

Fire Resistance Integrity Design

Curtain wall should not collapse within the designed fire resistance time limit when fire occurs, that is to say, the curtain wall structure and material must have fire resistance. Therefore, the connection between curtain wall and main body is the first consideration in fire integrity design, followed by the selection of materials. 

1. Fireproof glass curtain wall should be complete and independent.

Fire-proof glass curtain wall, as the building's peripheral structure, its function is to prevent fire from spreading vertically. 

It is often only a part of a curtain wall. In order to prevent its collapse in the fire, the curtain wall connected with the framework structure should be completely separated and fully fixed with the main structure. 

If the conventional curtain wall connection is used, the failure of the fire protection part will be caused by the collapse of the non-fire protection part.

2. Fireproof glass curtain wall structure should have better ability to absorb thermal deformation. 

When a fire occurs, the curtain wall or partition metal skeleton expands due to thermal expansion. If improperly handled, the structure will be damaged due to expansion and extrusion, which will not play a role in fire prevention. 

Therefore, in the design, using long waist hole or other reserved deformation position is the key issue to be considered in detail. 

3. Fire-proof glass curtain wall materials should be fire-resistant.

When a fire occurs, the average temperature of the flame is about 700 in 10 minutes, 800 in 20 minutes, 840 in 30 minutes and 925 in one hour. 

According to the requirement of fire-resistant time limit for fire curtain wall or partition, the selection of appropriate fire-resistant materials is the basis to achieve the unity of function and economy. 

Most of the curtain wall skeleton materials are aluminium and steel profiles, but the melting point of aluminium is about 400 C. The mechanical properties of steel, such as yield strength and elastic modulus, will decrease with the increase of temperature under the action of fire high temperature. 

When the temperature is about 550 C, the reduction is more obvious, and the load-bearing energy will generally lose in about 15 minutes. It can be seen that if the fire is not treated, the fire will burn down within 15 minutes. 

Therefore, as the skeleton material of fire-proof glass curtain wall, fire-proof treatment is needed. As the main material of fireproof glass curtain wall and partition, fireproof glass is naturally chosen. 

At present, there are many kinds of fire-proof glass.

 When choosing the fire-proof glass, we should consider the decorative effect, strength and fire-resistant limit of the building comprehensively. 

The fire resistance of the connecting part is the basis of the integrity of the whole system. The embedded parts and connecting parts at the connecting part should have a fire protection layer.

Fire Rated Glazing Door

Fire-proof glass curtain wall of Heshan Hengbao Fire-proof Glass Factory Co., Ltd., which is made of Forbes Fire-proof glass, A1.00, has passed the inspection and examination of "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification CNCA-C18-02:2014", "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification CCCF-HZFH-02", "General Technical Conditions for Fire-proof Glass Non-Bearing Wall GA97-1995", and has obtained national approval. 

CC certification, size 3200 mm x 4300 mm, single glass size 1500 mm x 4200 mm.

Product advantages:

1. The frame is made of thick, high temperature resistant and high quality steel.

2. Glass is crystalline silicon hard insulating fire-proof glass or partially insulating fire-proof glass.

3. Seals are (non-flammable, non-flammable) fire-resistant seals.

4. Use of high-quality adhesives for curtain walls

Fire Rated Glazing Door

Fire Rated Glazing Window

E30 to EI120 British Standard Fire Rated Glazing Door/Window System