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several kinds of fireproof glass
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several kinds of fireproof glass

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1. Sandwich Composite Fire-proof Glass

This kind of glass is a kind of fire-proof glass which is made by coating colorless fire-proof adhesives on the flat plates between the glass layers and then compounding. 

To put it bluntly, it's the same planning principle as the sandwich biscuits we often eat. 

Sandwich composite fireproof glass is very popular in the market. Because of its superior performance and strong resistance, it can be cured at room temperature of 100 degrees. 

When a fire occurs, the adhesives of laminated glass will expand rapidly, absorb all the heat generated, and reduce the occurrence of potential safety hazards.


2. Sandwich fireproof glass

This kind of glass is quite different from the above fireproof glass. In the production of fireproof glass, the products made of wire and mesh objects are added.

 In the use process, it has more impact resistance, and can also be connected with the indoor safety system, so that glass has a variety of functions.


3. Special fireproof glass

This kind of fireproof glass is produced with special glass ingredients, such as borosilicate fireproof glass and glass-ceramics fireproof glass.Although the raw materials of glass are different, they all have high softening effect and low thermal expansion value.

 In high temperature environment, it is not easy to appear deformation phenomenon and has good stability.

 Particularly glass-ceramics fire-proof glass, not only has the above characteristics, other outstanding physical properties, has a strong compressive resistance, but the price is more valuable, a small number of consumers will buy.


4. Hollow fireproof glass

This kind of fireproof glass has less popularity than other raw glass, and has been developed in recent years as a new type of product. 

It not only has excellent fire protection, but also has a good barrier effect to noise pollution. It is innovative and improved on the basis of hollow glass. 

At present, this kind of glass has been made into different shapes and functional products through different processing methods.

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