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These are related to the Curtain Wall news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Curtain Wall, to help you better understand and expand Curtain Wall market. Because the market for Curtain Wall is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • several kinds of fireproof glass
    1. Sandwich Composite Fire-proof GlassThis kind of glass is a kind of fire-proof glass which is made by coating colorless fire-proof adhesives on the flat plates between the glass layers and then compounding. To put it bluntly, it's the same planning principle as the sandwich biscuits we often eat.
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  • The Correct Concept Of Fire Rated Glass
    Correct Concept1) The ordinary glass is noncombustible, but when it meet the fire, the glass is very fragile;2) Fire rated glass performance are different, the different types of fire rated glass have different performance;3) The different products with different usage have a different choice of fir
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  • Fire-proof glass door manufacturer talking about fire-proof glass door
    Fire-proof glass door belongs to one kind of fire-proof door, but unlike other fire-proof doors, it has certain aesthetic and plasticity in appearance, which means that it can not only be used for fire-proof passage or public occasions, but also for indoor decoration. So what are the magical functio
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  • Design of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall
    Fireproof glass curtain wall must have all the characteristics of curtain wall. Such as wind pressure, rainwater, air leakage, in-plane deformation and other properties. As a glass curtain wall with fire protection function, besides the above functions, the more important function is fire protection
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  • Application effect of fireproof glass partition in fire
    Fire-proof glass partition is widely used in more and more buildings. Fire-proof glass partition is widely used in closed shelter floor, closed evacuation staircase and fire-proof partition of large-scale venues. Fire-proof glass partition, as a building component with certain fire resistance limit,
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  • What should we pay attention to when choosing fireproof glass
    In our daily life, there will inevitably be some accidents, such as fire, fire is a very common disaster, will cause large-scale casualties and property losses, so in life, fire prevention is very important. The use of fire-proof glass can guarantee our life safety and property accordingly. Fire-pro
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  • Brief Analysis of the Characteristics and Functional Requirements of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall
    Fire-proof glass curtain wall is widely used in more and more buildings. Fire-proof glass curtain wall is widely used in closed shelter floor, closed evacuation staircase and partition of fire-proof zones in large venues. Fire-proof glass curtain wall is a kind of building component with certain fir
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