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Fire-proof glass door manufacturer talking about fire-proof glass door
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Fire-proof glass door manufacturer talking about fire-proof glass door

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Fire-proof glass door belongs to one kind of fire-proof door, but unlike other fire-proof doors, it has certain aesthetic and plasticity in appearance, which means that it can not only be used for fire-proof passage or public occasions, but also for indoor decoration. So what are the magical functions of fire-proof glass doors? What are their characteristics?

Fire-proof glass door is a kind of movable fire-proof partition. It not only has the function of ordinary door, but also has the special functions of fire prevention, heat insulation, smoke insulation and automatic closure. 

Usually used as ordinary partition doors, it plays a role of fire prevention and heat insulation in the event of fire, creating favorable conditions for owners, users and rescue personnel, and reducing the losses caused by fire to the greatest extent.

Externally used Steel Frame Fire Rated Curtain Wall System

Functional Characteristics of Glass Fire-proof Door

The greatest function of fire-proof glass door is that it can prevent fire. After special treatment, it has certain fire resistance, can control the spread of fire, and can prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases. 

But this does not mean that it can completely prevent the spread of fire. Its function is still limited, and there is a time limit. It can only achieve fire in a certain time. Control.

Classification of fireproof glass doors:

However, every classification will involve a standard, and different standards will naturally lead to different classifications.

According to fireproof performance, it can be divided into heat-insulated fire door and partial heat-insulated fire door. But after CCC certification, only heat-insulated fire door can be certified.

According to the material, it can be divided into wood fire door, steel fire door, steel fire door and other material fire door.

According to the time of fire prevention, it can be divided into half an hour, one hour and one.5 hours.

According to the fire prevention level, it can be divided into C, B and A.

The emergence of fire-proof glass doors can be said to provide a guarantee for fire prevention. For people, when walking in the mall, if there are some fire accidents in the mall, we must see which is the glass fire door. With fireproof glass doors, we can be safer.

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